Thursday, 3 May 2012

Azwan revealed Md Fuad Baharom @ Aidid Muaddib workplace

No new entry from Aidid Muaddib @ Dr Md Fuad Baharom? Why? Because Aidid cannot concentrate now because he is busy thinking of  how he wants to distract people from knowing his real identity as Dr Md Fuad Baharom. THis is what i think... My friend send another email today and he told me that he dont understand why Aidid still ego and stubborn to open again his blog. My friend said that Aidid is digging his own grave by reopened his blog. 

Azwan exposing that Aidid Muaddib aka Dr Md Fuad Baharom is working at Klinik An-Nisa Semenyih

However my friend is very happy because Azwan, (one of aidid strong follower) had revealed Aidid aka DR Md Fuad Baharom workplace in Aidid Muaddib blog . My friend said that what Azwan said is totally true and its realy true that Aidid currently working with poliklinik an nisa.

No. 39 G, Jalan Semenyih Sentral 3, Semenyih Sentral,
43500 Semenyih, Selangor
Tel: 03-87247585
So what say you Aidid?? 

Last but not lease Aidid, please dont try to copy my writing again and paste this beautiful and intelligent  writing to because it shows that you are so scared what i write in my blog. Please remember my friends that the real aidid muaddib is not Mohd Fadly Ramly but Md Fuad Baharom.

Fake Aidid Picture

Real face of Aidid Muaddib aka Md Fuad Baharom

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Aidid Muaddib aka Md Fuad Baharom still dont want to learn from his mistake.

Aidid Muaddib aka Md Fuad baharom

I am realy fustrated with you Aidid Muaddib , this morning i was informed by my friends that you reopened your blog... My friends  adviced you not to continue any writing after this because your name already blaclisted by the SKMM. Even when you have deleted the post about skim Amanah Rakyat 1 Malaysia  they dont  want to hear or see any of your name writing or posting  in the web world.

My friends said that if you still stubborn to reopened your blog or write anything via facebook my friends will continue exposing your identity. Just now my friends send me this picture. I am not sure why. Maybe aidid aka Md Fuad  Baharom have better expalination regarding this..

Aidid,  i know  you still want to be a hero for ANTIMLM group. But once you condemn our government thats it.. you are blaclisted.. And my friends also know that you are supporter of Pakatan. My friends dont like that... Again , please stay quite and dont play with fire aidid muaddib..

Any relationship between Aidid and HUKM??

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Aidid Muaddib identity as Md Fuad Baharom exposed

Aidid Muaddib aka Md Fuad Baharom
After waiting for a long time, Aidid Muaddib post a new entry but i was very sad because its about music. I hate when he post entry about his favourite song because the song that he likes is weird. 

Aidid, you supposed to concentrate on MLM not Music. Or maybe Aidid dont want to deal with MLM anymore. Because his identity as Dr Fuad Baharom already being exposed. 

As a matter of fact, police already detect the identity of Aidid especially after he wrote about Skim  Amanah Rakyat 1 Malaysia. I am sure Najib our PM dont like it. From the report that i get from my informer, few special branch were asked to follow Aidid aka Md Fuad Baharom. 

Aidid , i adviced you to delete your blog as soon as possible especially the entry about Skim Amanah Rakyat 1 Malaysia. Dont play with fire Aidid. Remember that you have kids to take care of.. dont jeopardise your family safety... 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Face of Aidid Muaddib? Who is Aidid Muaddib...

Aidid Muaddib 

Yesterday i got email from one of my friends. He said that he knows Aidid Muaddib very well . He then send me this picture of Aidid Muaddib. Wow ! quit suprising. I thought that Aidid is still very young but however this picture can tell you everything about his age. My friends have   a lot of information about aidid Muaddib. Hope Aidid Muaddib will read my blog one day. My friends also ask me that he wants Aidid to delete his blog totally. If Aidid Muaddib doesnt want to delete his blog within this month (March 2012)  he will give more  information about Aidid Muaddib to me and to the public. I dont agree with my friends because i like reading Aidid Muaddib blog. The blog is marvelous and i enjoy read the blog. But sometimes i think Aidid is to harsh to the people that involve in MLM. Maybe thats why he create too many enemy. I am very sure if AC Mizal get  information about Aidid Muadib , AC Mizal  will ask his friends in the PEKIDA to find Aidid Muaddib and give hard lesson to Aidid Muaddib... Aidid Muaddib, if you read my blog  please consider to delete your blog... They will find you.. I am afraid of your safety Aidid Muaddib...

I feel empty

Why Aidid dont want to update his blog anymore. Yes of course because he said that he is so busy nowadays. But from my opinion, Aidid start to feel guilty and stupid. I also think he did stupid thing in his blog. Why he hate them so much..? I Think Aidid have some mental problem.. Let pray for him..

Thursday, 1 March 2012

This is my first writing...

My name is Fuad baharom. I am a doctor currently working at my private clinic. I love blogging  and i create this blog after i read Aidid Muaddib blog. I like his style. And I think Aidid also a doctor. A admired him.
Sorry for this short entry for a beginning. I am quit busy today and will write again after a while..